October 25, 2010

The Italian Job

This was my first real Destination Wedding; what a place to start it out!

Hope and Christopher

This last Summer was one of the busiest I have had in a long time.  Between jobs and travel, my blog updates have suffered, but it has been one incredible year so far.  I shot this wedding at the beginning of the summer season and then immediately headed out to Italy for the next wedding.  I decided to take Lisa along with me for the Italy shoot, and we spent a day in Paris and three in Venice before heading to Verona for the Mata Wedding.  Upon returning from Italy we shot the Leavell Wedding the following weekend.

I was ready for some vacation time by then so we headed out to visit our friends in Georgia.  When we left there, the guys separated from the wives and headed out to the beautiful state of Utah for a week of fly fishing on the Green River below the Flaming Gorge.  We had a great time fishing and laughing and eating the wonderfully prepared food at the resort.

I came home physically tired but mentally rested and ready to process the 3000+ images I had taken on the job, not to mention the personal ones from Europe and Utah.  Needless to say my computer got a workout over the next two months and I am surprised I did not develop a case of carpal tunnel syndrome while at it.

While I post some of the images form this busy season, please feel free to comment.