March 14, 2009

More Maine

More examples of the beauty of the Maine Coast. On a couple of the days we had some heavy fog roll in off the ocean, and what I first seen as a problem turned into some interesting opportunities.

March 5, 2009

Maine Coast in Color

My main purpose in shooting the Maine Series was intended for Black and White long exposure as featured in earlier posts, but I did get some nice color images that I have been enjoying a lot more lately. I thought I would share a few occasionally as I had time. This is one of my favorites taken on a rainy day at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. It was very cloudy, but I still worked with a ND filter to get the waves to crash a few times and get that smooth surreal effect I have been doing for quite some time now; enjoying the challenge of capturing motion in a still frame. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Take the opportunity to click the image to get a closer look at the water effect and the mist that permeates the image.