March 5, 2009

Maine Coast in Color

My main purpose in shooting the Maine Series was intended for Black and White long exposure as featured in earlier posts, but I did get some nice color images that I have been enjoying a lot more lately. I thought I would share a few occasionally as I had time. This is one of my favorites taken on a rainy day at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. It was very cloudy, but I still worked with a ND filter to get the waves to crash a few times and get that smooth surreal effect I have been doing for quite some time now; enjoying the challenge of capturing motion in a still frame. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Take the opportunity to click the image to get a closer look at the water effect and the mist that permeates the image.


  1. This is gorgeous. Well Done! More like a painting than a photo.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I agree, this process of long exposure does tend itself to a painterly effect; the water moving in and out during the shot does its part to help in that as well.