December 12, 2007

Slide Show of Web Update

I have a doctor who seems to appreciate my work and has put 5 framed pieces up in her office and home; a couple were Limited Editions and she was pleased that one of them was 1/25 as it was new the day she was shopping the site. (I always keep the first print as an artist print and number it 0/25). I have an appointment Friday and she wanted to see some new work as she was interested in some Christmas gifts for family and friends. I created this slide show of a few new pieces I had been working on to link-up for her to view. I thought I would just go ahead and put the link here as well.

It takes a few minutes to load completely, but the thumbs are there rather quickly. Take a click if you are interested.

Slide Show

I went to West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) in October of this year, and she has a real love for the African people, but I have not had the time to process the hundreds (forgive me, 2500+) of images from that trip. I know she will love many of those. I will share them here as well as my website sometime in January.

Visit the website as well if you get time. Have a great rest of the week.

W P Branham Photography

William P. Branham Jr.

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