December 26, 2008

Children of Africa

After looking at the dirty air and the harsh living conditions in Ghana and Nigeria I have shown, I thought I would show you one reason why these places have a way of endearing themselves to you so easily; and especially why they did me.

Children are children the world wide, but the children of Africa are special; no matter what their lives may be like, those smiles tell you they are still children and can enter your heart in an instant. Long after your trip is over those faces will be seared into your memory and your soul.


  1. "Happiness does not consist of how much the world's goods you own, but how contented you are with the portion that's allotted to you."


    These pictures reminded me of this quote. Nice shots.

  2. These are really beautiful. Bro. George Smith shared photos of his time in Congo last night and it also made me yearn to go back to Africa... with better photography equipment than last time!

  3. I want very badly to take my wife to Africa. It may be best to go somewhere a little more European in style like South Africa for her, but I enjoy the more remote spots myself.