January 10, 2009


My grandson Gabriel is now 4 1/2 months old already. He has PaPa wrapped around his little finger. His dad and I sat around and tied flies for fishing this afternoon and I was fantasizing about the day I will get to teach him to fly fish. He looked so cute in his winter outfit and toboggan I just has to try to capture it. I have only taken about 800 pictures of him so far.....poor guy. Click this one for the full view; he's such a doll!


  1. Paul, I enjoy and admire all your work, but this one.... Wow! What's more beautiful than a baby? Gabriel is just perfect. And I'm being totally objective:)

  2. I trying to be objective as well....I know :) What a little doll. He reminds me so much of Grace at that age.

  3. Paul, How sweet.....beautiful baby, beautiful pic.....Becky Blair