May 30, 2009

Playing with the new camera

A few weeks ago I got my new camera in after quite a wait for it to be in stock. I even had to wait for two weeks for the extra battery to become available. I got a Canon 5D Mark II to go with my almost three year old original 5D. The 21.1 megapixels are a little taxing on the editing process, but i will put up with it for the extra data :)

I have shot two paying jobs with it so far and have really enjoyed it. I have two wedding in the next 5 weeks and the extra camera with different lenses attached will be so helpful. The images are probably no better than with the 5D, but the size and cropping options are incredible.

There is nothing special about these captures; they are just some fun testing of different lighting situations and processes. Hope you like something.


  1. Hi Br Paul.

    It was nice meeting you again in jeff.
    I really like your photography and you are an inspiration to me.
    I am doing photography too and i just got my own blog.
    I am a Nikon guy and I have been thinking about getting a d700 but I would really like that they made it in a 20mp version.
    Stop by and see my blog. Im just new in compare to you.

    God bless
    Andre Kofod from Denmark

  2. Wow!! All those picture from your camera is absolutely amazing!! Great photography!!