October 16, 2008

The Bailey Gang

A few months back I did a wedding where the groom was an old dear friend. He and his wife to-be met while riding horses competitively. They wanted to do a Western Style wedding so we did the entire engagement shoot with horses on one of their farms, I will post a few more of those later on, and this is one of my favorites from the Wedding Day itself.

Almost everyone of the groomsmen were riders so it had that authentic feel and not something you pretentiously set up. They were so much fun to work with. I was told by someone that this looks like an album cover for a country music band :) I took it as a compliment because I had that type of feel in mind before we got on location.

The bad weather on the day of the wedding added to the drama of the outdoor shots immensity, giving me a chance to use it to my advantage. I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to click the image to get a bigger version.


  1. Loved the "Bailey Gang" shot. Looks like some "bad dudes"!

  2. Thanks. Especially that one to the left of Chris, hehe. (his left)