October 16, 2008

River Dock at Night

Here is another one from a nighttime shoot. It was almost pitch dark at this point, and the river, thought quite choppy at the time, became just a fog of exposure. I really started in earnest honing my technique after this night because I just loved the results.


  1. Hi!

    I'm so much interested in photographing... And the fact, that I'm still struggling with; how come you professional photographers make such smooth looking photos? I know, I have such a basic lense (Sigma 18-125mm - no IS/VR or anything... plain zoom-lense - another is a little better quality-lense, Nikkor 55-200mm VR), and that's attached in Nikon D80. Does high F-valued lense work wonders in photographing and in quality of pictures? In ability to draw pictures sharper and more natural in the cell and all that? Maybe I'm still so much still learning to use my camera, but I cant get those "real" good looking photos. Just cant... Would Nikkor 50mm 1.8F (or 1.4F) work a WAY better? Or do I have to just learn use my camera better...? lol
    Or I need to learn to use my Photoshop in a more effective way?

  2. Well thanks for the compliment on my photographs. You have some good enough equipment there at your disposal; its probably just a matter of light, practice and those post processing skills make a huge difference too. Just keep at it. Take the opportunity to read different blogs and tutorials that interest you; there is a lot of great info out there for the taking.

    Keep shooting and please come back. If you any specific questions feel free to write to me at wpb@wpbranham.com