October 16, 2008

Movement in a Still Shot

Back in May I got very interested in attempting to capture motion, movement, in a still shot to the point the viewer could feel it. I love night photography and long exposure; this is one of my first successful attempts at doing just that (in my opinion).

I have since done hundreds of experiments, bought many ND filters, spent hot and cold nights in the dark shooting extremely long exposures from 10 seconds to 120 seconds just to learn and enjoy myself. I spent the summer in Maine trying out these new techniques; I'll share some with you over the next little while.

This is just a feild of yellow flowers that were blowing in the breeze; the correct exposure here froze the stems and 70% of the flowers, while letting the wind capture the rest and move them before your eyes. If you just let go a little you can almost feel the breeze...

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